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Jana Call me J Gallery Opening

The month of September is not only that of the start of the new school year, (yayi), but of the cultural return too!

This year I am delighted to join and participate actively, you will not need to go out, you will see, my cultural return is happening here.

Weeks of laborious, slow, sometimes even painful and repetitive work, learning and mastering new techniques, unexplored areas of learning, but whom allowed me to create my virtual gallery and sale online my artwork. Transformed into e-commerce webmaster, bet paid !

And since the most difficult challenges are often the most rewarding, when you reach your goal while working joyfully, you experience great self-satisfaction. Isn't it ?

You are cordially and warmly invited to come and visit the exhibition and discover the five themes grouping together my limited edition works of art,

which are just waiting for one thing:

make you happy by coming to settle on your personal or professional walls.

A word from the exhibition curator

As an artist, it can take several decades, or a lifetime, to find yourself. For some it is obvious from the start, intuitive, and they remain faithful to their style and to the type of response that one produces to the "artistic appeal" throughout their lifetimes as designers. Jana Call me J has sailed a lot in the flow of street inspirations, from portraiture to lifestyle, from architecture to fashion, to the abstract. The endless prospect in contemporary art opens so many possibilities making her naturally excited about the idea of creative photography, often drawing her to wander off the beaten path.

At the end of the day, "thank you pandemic", thank you for the withdrawal into oneself which has offered her this luxury of finding herself, of aligning with whom she wants to share all her Being in harmony with who she is deep inside her creative "me".

So, so ???? Who are you Jana Call me J ?

(except from Schizophrenia also a little bit, apparently?)


"Art form that favors the intensity of expression"

Expressionist would be the word that best describes me.

It is not necessarily the easiest way I am giving myself ...

Expressionists must and love to work alone to maintain the constant flow of creativity so that this is reflected in the magic of the photos.

Difficult to achieve on a huge set in a shooting studio for advertising or fashion where a dozen people are easily agitated, talking, fixing the bolts, throwing the lights, testing the clicks, asking you for stuff, directions and directions, waiting for you to tell them what to do. So oppressive.

All those eyes on me, oh my ...!

While the only thing I would want to tell them at that point would be:

"Go for a walk, please."

(Because even when I'm upset, I stay nice, funny and polite - end of the self-congratulation moment).

Instead, I shut up, muzzles the wild child, smirking beyond reason, and apply myself to make the final result look like you know from me for years of my accomplishments.

Yes, the presence of other humans slows me down, frustrates me, great shy and uncertain explorer that I am.

Their presence on the shooting scene stops me from feeling the thrill of creation, of this new blossoming.

Under their questioning eyes and my desire to do well and not disappoint, how can I find the essence of the image that I created in my head and which, by dint of exploration, will surprise me with its final rendering, so much more far from the initial concept? At least that's what I'm hoping for and what I'm working towards. Because it is only in this wave that overwhelms me and takes me far from reassuring shores, that my playfulness, my passion and my curiosity are created.

Jana Call me J, Jana Call me J photographs,

This includes the constant urge to break the rules of photography, (also) drawing inspiration from other art forms, using unique compositions, different styles and creating my own scenes in DIY games. Exciting.

Unlike others, this process of ideation does not create frustration, it stimulates me since it allows my mind to run wild, sway, feverish, rejoiced and finally satiated.

It had therefore become obvious that the time came to abandon the majority of my contracts, projects and way of working in order to live 100% of that reason that I became a photographer: to create, to create, to create and to imagine!

To visit the Gallery and become the purchaser of works of art click here

Thank you a thousand times for your support

to the art work creations by living artists


Works of art are not subject to the Real Estate Fortune Tax (IFI) in France

(for other countries you should check)

Invest in art to pay less tax

(aaaah maybe I should have started there, maybe ??)

Art remains an often overlooked safe haven.

A real tax niche for companies, tax exemption through art is nonetheless an interesting investment, even for moderately well-off households: they can bring into play the tax advantage on the capital gain during a sale, an inheritance or transmission. This investment, less known to the French, maximizes tax savings while providing real pleasure to beautify an interior and enhance its heritage. But that's not all, the collectibles and original creations that you acquire can be used as means of payment for taxes like IFI or inheritance tax. A mode of transaction made possible thanks to the Malraux Law.

By "works of art" we certainly mean paintings but also art photographs.


Thank you for your subscription !

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