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For nearly three decades, my career has taken me from civil aviation to prestigious Parisian palaces and haute couture fashion houses. This journey, marked by travels around the world, has honed my appreciation for refinement and beauty, allowing me to develop an extremely reliable expertise in the languages of luxury.

I recently decided to leave these demanding careers to dedicate myself to photography, with a strong penchant for technical experimentation in the pursuit of artistic authenticity.

My works, deeply influenced by my extensive experience in the luxury domain, strive to capture the sophistication and refinement of the botanical, floral, and celestial worlds around us, aiming to create a magical universe that flirts with mystery and metaphor.

Each image is intended as an ode to visual perfection, achieved without any digital alteration or retouching, prompting viewers to question: "Is this digital art, or is it truly a photograph?" Additionally, my sharp expertise extends to fashion editorials and runway shows, film sets and television programs, as well as luxury brand beauty portraits and table art. Regularly featured in various press publications, I humbly contribute to shaping the image of these iconic houses with visuals that speak of style and distinction.

Winner of the Photography Award at the International Art Salon of the Circle of European Artists in April 2024, I have had the pleasure of exhibiting in prestigious venues such as the Grand Palais and the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, as well as in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Times Square in New York.

wrote :

"Jana Call me J, a photographer as passionate as she is fascinating


She loves travel, fashion, the exquisite beauty of women and art in all its forms. Artistic director, visual designer and photographic director, she likes to get out of the frame to stay there better, applying herself to expressing her grain of madness to create stagings adapted to each specific creative project. 

Her look at feminine intelligence seduces us with this fierce will that drives her: to transmit the poetic and unique experience of mythical places, to make people dream through her luminous and delicate creations, while remaining sincere and fun.

For Abaca, she works as a photojournalist, mainly on Lifestyle and Fashion subjects where she has a blast. 



She is passionate and has a real grain of madness.

Lately, Jana has discovered a new artistic current through the conquest of space and astrophotography, thanks to the exploit of the French astronaut Thomas Pésquet.


Upon her return to earth and the announcement of her press conference, Jana was in the starting blocks, flooding Abaca's editorial staff with requests to cover the event. Her humor and her determination allowed her to live this exceptional moment, since a few days later, she went to Thomas's first press conference,

in Cologne* to discuss its mission in space. "

To discover the article in its entirety:  


*at the European Astronaut Center / ESA European Space Agency

… Thank you for your trust :


Christian Louboutin, Pierre Cardin, Christophe Josse, Pierre Courtial, Samsung, Electronics, Colombo via Della Spiga, Abaca Press, Pritzker Prize, The Hyatt Foundation, Palais d'Elysée, Atelier COS, B&B Disneyland, EB Meyrowitz Opticians, The Walt Disney Company - Disneyland Paris, Hôtel Ritz Paris, The Peninsula, Anne Vitchen Floral Designer, Mademoiselle Emma, Dolce Gabbana au Bristol Paris, Baccarat, Guo Pei, Doreen Mashika, Franck Sorbier, Georges Hobeika, Antonio Grimaldi, Elmira Medins, Yolancris, l'Oréal, Salon du Chocolat, ULM Guadeloupe, Captain and founder of Air Caraïbes:  Simon Hayot , Airline pilot, Madame  Reine Bourret , Air Seychelles. Leukerbad Clinic Switzerland, Michelin-starred Executive Chefs: Michel Roth, Arnaud Faye, Claire Heitzler, Didier Steudler, Nicolas Sale, François Perret,  Xavier Buriot, Claire Verneil (M6 Master Chef), Association France Alzheimer Guadeloupe, Architects Atelier Cos, Flamand ID, PDV Productions, Lonely Planet, Galerie Adda & Taxie, Elan Lagny,  volunteer photographer for the association "Imagine for Margo - children without cancer", realization of the last photographic portrait of David Hamilton and of portraits of moments of life of hundreds of human beings. ​ 

Jana Call me J avec Thomas Pesquet

photo credit J ulie Sebadelha  at the Elysée Palace and

Francois Goizé  (with Alexis Mabille)

photo credits also from  Sebastien fremont  and Lionel Rosello  PDV Productions  :-) Thank you !

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Vogue contributor Jana Call me J

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