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Even if time passes, eternal youth in a kiss basks

BACI sculpture par ARICO et photographier par Jana Call me J pour une commande d'Anne Vitchen
Artistic Direction and photographies by Jana, sculpture by Antonio Aricò, flowers by Anne Vitchen

This joyous thought in my heart was invited on this sunny Sunday, on an air of Italian melody.

For us, "vibrants", there is no better holiday than Valentine's Day. You know that chubby rascal Cupidon who shoots his arrows and sometimes manages to aim quite well? (When he does not confuse our hearts with our reins).

Let's go back to this kiss, this kiss which in our minds remains forever a flowery memory: airy kiss, casual kiss, exotic kiss, erotic kiss (that one was easy), rural kiss in the straw ("Vai Vai ), golden kiss in the shade of mimosas, intense and colorful canzone italiana.

When an eclectic designer, Antonio Aricò

inventor of symbols and creator of worlds, imagines "BACI*" (Baiser) the work representing two forms in white ceramic meeting in a kiss connected by a gold ring, we find the imprint of his poetic inspiration guided by tradition , by the fantastic, by the romantic and the ancient.

An author's production that feeds on dreamlike visions where design, art and craftsmanship dialogue to touch people's hearts and minds.

And when Anne Vitchen, the Lady of Flowers

(nickname given in 2015 by the Ritz Paris where she has been working as a resident floral decorator ever since) meets the designer Antonio Arico as a great Lady of Hearts, he makes a special edition of 80 pieces for her in Italy, as a gesture of love that Anne wishes to offer to her friends and loyal customers.

To bring a touch of infinity to this beautiful story of artistic kisses, Anne invited me into their talented duo to inspire me with Baci playing with delicate flowers, imagining them living their love stories through my photographs.


So I took the brushes

I made them twirl around in paint tubes streaking the canvases to create universes different from photo backgrounds, making them travel through my lens, because I am baci, you are baci, we are, have been and will be baci.


Happy Valentine's Day to all the vibrant ones

Happy Valentine's Day to all the vibrant ones


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