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Captivating emotions through metaphors in eloquent stories, pushing the boundaries of traditional aesthetics and painting with chromatic nuances that are at times intense and at times ethereal, is the reality that I love to swirl around to celebrate human values: the mind, hope, optimism, and joy. 

By subtly blending painting with photography for a cosmic journey, I venture towards a universe where starlight liberates women, enchanting and softening vegetal and figurative themes through conversations laden with dreamy symbolism.

Historically, many artists have developed a hybrid practice in their creative process, drawing directly from scientific fields. These discreet correspondences inspire me through their sometimes-circumflexed dialogues, where art will reveal truth and science will reveal beauty.

My mission, my obsession: to show creativity the path to our fragile multiverse planet, like a flower, without resorting to digital modification of my photographs, so that each theme claims reality, but aspires to give it another meaning, leading appearance to the imaginary.

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Welcome to my transformations by light 


Photo d'art Vague Bleu par Jana Call me J

Heartbreaking beauty with the melancholy of the Croatian islands

Photo d'art In abstracto Bruto Paint me by Jana Call me J

The autodidact, the one who has not learned, interprets the dimensions of the lights

Moon Bubble by Jana Call me J, photo d'art

Moon figures when its bubbles light up

Autoportrait by Jana Call me J, photo d'art

Paint deep backgrounds to make up transitions and inspire compositions 

Space Flowers n°6 by Jana Call me J, photo d'art

Petals as a stopover, my flower the rocket takes off to Aphelia, at the peak of the galaxies

Fluxus Metaverse Modernus photo d'art par Jana Call me J

Digital mirror buffered with metallic NFTs. nor bourgeois. ni boring

Bite me Baby, photod'art by Jana Call me J

Jana guarantees the uniqueness of her works. The artist's handwritten signature on the back of each limited edition proves that the work is an original. The edition certificate also provides information on format, date, edition and serial number. 

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