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Free by (the) nature

A few months ago, a tiny virus surprised us, unpleasantly, of course. So when our leaders decided that the time had come to try to get out of our dens, we mostly rushed into nature: parks, forests, gardens. (the wine cellars, too, it's true)

Our friends from the suburbs, whom we hardly ever visited, suddenly became very close to our hearts. Finally, the Paris orbital road, this once impassable border, has become synonymous with a door to paradise, namely our friend's garden. And too bad for the unbearable cries of their offspring, the contact with the ground, the smell of the grass and its fresh twigs tickling our little tootsies all overjoyed, it was worth it. And too bad for our ears, they have become desensitized to any sound aggression other than the soft murmur of our four walls.

It creates a whole new reflection on our ways of living and the priorities that we give to them. We see these change it in the labor market, but that is another debate.

Jana Call me J photoshoot of Pierre Courtial fashion designs wardrobe and accessories with vegetables for being free by nature
Editorial published printed MALVIE Magazine September Issue 2021, Photo and artistic direction @janacallmej

It is therefore, quite naturally, when we had the pleasure of seeing each other again with

Pierre Courtial, the fashion designer, that the idea of ​​the photo shoot of his collections (created relentlessly during this long first confinement), was going to have a direct link with nature.

Pierre Courtial was the young and talented Artistic Director and the protégé of Mr. Pierre Cardin himself, who gave him all his creative confidence by dedicating to him for this purpose the "Studio Pierre Cardin by Pierre Courtial", in the prestigious Rue St Honoré. Having the same initials and the same first name, Monsieur Cardin nicknamed him "Petit Pierre" (it is Pierre that you see on the left of the photo below).

Jana Call me J photoshoot of Pierre Courtial fashion designs wardrobe and accessories, in Paris France 2020
Pierre Courtial posing with the model Anna Zanaroli, upon Jana Call me J photoshoot

Malvie Magazine is a magazine based in France which published our project in its September Artist Edition n°298, and also asked your favorite Jana a few questions ;-)

So, I talk about my favorites, the artists I like to work with and those who inspire me (only in English in the text)

Downloadable version of the interview here (easier to read):

Interview JanaCallmeJ for Malvie September issue 2021
Download PDF • 2.07MB

If you want to get the magazine in its printed version, it's here (starting from 44 USD):

To choose, we will give a call to our little sweet potato rather than to the turnip, and without taking the cabbage* to avoid the red chili coming up to our ears**, we will offer ourselves a pretty bunch of broccoli

*lose your temper ** purple with rage //adaption from the literal translation

Jana Call me J publishing in Malvie Magazine of Pierre Courtial fashion designs
Fruit interdit ou fruit de la vie ?


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