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My flower rocket “AT THE BORDERS OF REAL”

When everyday life becomes oppressive, heavy and scary,  

when our bodies find themselves locked up punished by the fear of our physical condition;  

when you can no longer fly to other horizons for health reasons;  

when we would like to change our skin so as not to have barcodes that tattoo us and pit us against each other;  

when you're not lucky enough to have the right city of birth,   you see the others running between the shots,   when all that becomes too much, then the eyes, sore, filled with tears rise to the sky, towards Space, this unique place without defined borders which seems to be the only one in the immensity ready to welcome our forgotten freedoms.  

I dreamed of the flowers in the sky that sowed the color of life in the dark starless nights. Far, very far, on their petals, I took off to Aphelia, at the peak of the galaxies invisible to the naked eye, gaining height, very quickly becoming addicted to this life by proxy in weightlessness.  

Far, very far, from our inhuman weights. 

My rocket the flower ; here is with us, earthlings, another masterpiece in the art of imperfection with celestial geometries that our planet has created. My rocket the flower revealing itself without complex in the form of a diagonal fusing to find human life on the International Space Station.  

When you think about it, to feel liberated by the vision of humans living in confined space is that the roots of evil are buried deep. 

Through this new series of 15 photographs, I wanted to pay tribute to the women who, through their courage and their extraordinary exploits, have not only forced the frontiers of astronomy and aerospace conquest, but who have above all pushed back the frontiers of thoughts :

hover over each photo with the mouse to discover them

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